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Stellar, NEM (consensus protocol), and even very similar coins to Bitcoin like Litecoin or.

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While Bitcoin and Ethereum have had a bit of a hammering over the past month, Litecoin has been a bright spot.

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Reuters July 21, 2017 9:58 PM. wooed by its explosive performance and potential to compete with gold and government-issued money as a means to store value.Current Price. Bitcoin. Take advantage of one of the fastest growing investments of 2017.

Litecoin will move higher because of the fundamentals and technical on the potential to complement the.If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM.However LTC is starting to generate a massive surge in hash rate which will likely significantly increase in the upcoming months and years.

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Crypto Analysis — Bitcoin, Altcoins, and the Entire Cryptocurrency Market (4–25–17) The cryptocurrency asset class has expanded at an exceptional rate during...The authors, TM Lee and Bobby Ong, are the founders of CoinGecko, a site that ranks the potential of altcoin.

Altcoin 2017 Forecast: Litecoin (LTC), Peercoin (PPC. other than Bitcoin worth watching in 2017 are: Litecoin. forex market may have potential.If you are not a very risky trader you would have taken the secure entry when the reversal is confirmed with another higher high above 0.016. If you would have entered this trade, you could have taken profit two days later at 0.05 with a 312 % profit.THE HOTTEST TREND IN 2017: BLOCKCHAIN AND ETHEREUM. 3 Nano-Cap Technology Stocks With 10-Bagger Potential In 2017.

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Although this is highly hypothetical because determining the top of such a quick move is quite difficult to manage.For technical traders, the break of a longterm trendline is a first indication a potential trend reversal.

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Dear Valued Customers, There is a potential for Bitcoin network disruption on or around 1st August 2017.But for a long time it is not getting any higher. September 14th 2017 14:00 UTC.

We got a 2nd break of the trendline with much stronger bull bars than bear bars.Currently if these signals are valid, the lower end of the trading range will be protected.Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2017: 6 Major Events to Impact Bitcoin Value.Charlie Lee Leaves Coinbase to Focus on Litecoin Development.A look at how to invest in Litecoin, what the cryptocurrency is, and what is the potential for this investment over time.

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I am a pure Technical Trader relying on Price Action, though I am also taking into consideration fundamental reasons.

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This was also a second break of the trendline after the first one has failed, indicating that buyers are increasingly eager to enter early for a potential major trend reversal.Lets add some fundamental reasoning for a potential pump, and this is where things get interesting a lot.This implies that if we break up from here, and manage to close above the trendline with strong bull presence (currently trendline resides at roughly 0.012) it could potentially reverse the longterm downtrend and drive prices way above 0.05.

It is somewhat strange to see so many coins with potential decrease in value these days.When comparing LTC to BTC I cannot understand how the majority of traders are so bearish on LTC, considering that it has 4x the speed, more capability, no current blocksize issues and no political drama.

Internet money for. AdCoin is build on the open-source Litecoin technology. 2017 Introducing AdCoin the public and sending applications to trading and.At the end of November LTC broke its hashrate ATH and has been rising sharply since then, without that being reflected in price until now.

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