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On top of that it is a awesome way to view control and manage your rigs from 1 rig up to a big farm This brings me to the best stuff the getPiMP family has put up for all of you to help you stay ahead.This has not gone unnoticed and let me be the first to tell you about this awesome new edition to the pimp family line of products.

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Manufacturers are planning to ship scrypt-based equipment that will speed up mining and reduce the power overhead for the alternative cryptocurrency algorithm. Could.While it is now considered too late for hobbyists without expensive ASIC processors to start mining bitcoins, many of the alternative digital currencies are still.We also have a cgminer that mine BTC, but we would like to keep Scripta for scrypt-mining only.

First, be sure your miners are stopped with the pimp --stop command. Run pimpup.I wish I ordered one of the new ASICS coming out for Scrypt mining but I missed the boat on pre-orders.The helpme was bolstered as well to make it easier for you, your fellow miners, and the support team to determine what is wrong and help you with the info you need to get back to mining as fast as possible.Enjoy support for the latest AMD GPUs with custom tools to manipulate the settings.Just buy a PIMP OS from and then, all 3 versions of pimp are now in your account under the download tab once you bought a license.(one license is needed per rigg) We done this to give you the freedom to choose what flavor is best for you.We have made great improvements to the foundation but stuck to the roots of stability and testing everything thoroughly to make sure that you have a good mining experience with profits.

If the author of cudaminer releases a new version in the future that has stdout streams compatible with python 2.7, I will fix this.First off. thanks for all your feedback and support that you give to this project.Bitcoin mining is all on ASICs now. that supports scrypt mining and has been tested with Litecoin and other scrypt coins.Default configs and miners are provided so you can mine out of the box.FEATURE: cudaminer added, although the program will not show valid hash rates.

Now that we have a super stable and reliable piece of software and service and worked hard on the back end our devs have started working on features to give you more.Another Special thank you to our volunteer translators who have been helping us put the community pages on the site.This pimpup brings us the command line pimp --add, pimp --delete and the awesome pimp --test and pimp --debug he screen wrapper for easy troubleshooting.A scrypt miner is a unique system that can make mining cryptocurrencies more efficient.

Topic: GUIMiner-scrypt: A GUIMiner fork for mining scrypt chains.We try to keep it as update as we possibly can so that the miner spends less time trouble shooting and more time mining and enjoying the crypto world.Getting Started with Scrypt mining on Give. the Miner configs section of the forums or on the.FEATURE: vertminer 0.5.2 added along with vertminer settings FEATURE: cudaminer stratum support added with latest version of cudaminer 12-25-13: updated GPU settings, cgminer version, and cudaminer version.This is a custom build that I have put together and is a lot more sturdy and solid than those milk.PiMP Dev team has been hard at work testing hash and reliability using new linux kernel customization, drivers, and platform changes.

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We made a place for all miners who want more, well here it is you get more with pimp workshop.

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Q: Shares reported by the stratum proxy are not the same as shares reported by the card.Another great thing is we see more and more miners using minerfarm and we have given our mobile friendly monitoring platform a great facelift.

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Looks like Scrypt mining is fixed in Maxwell. bandwidth or timings been far better suited for scrypt mining on the 270s than.We have been optimizing, slimming down, and bug fixing to get the stability PIMP is known for.BUGFIX: Users with spaces in the Windows usernames are now able to use the program.

Come grab some live support and we can help you check out the easiest way to manage your mining rig.This lets you get the latest miners sooner - and get a huge head start above the competiton.With more features coming out this year we are also working hard on expanding the way we present and view we have been testing the error reporting and the mailing so that you get the best we can put out for you.

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We now have some Dutch, Russian, and German FAQ pages up to help our new pimps feel welcome and can get started easier.Knc Miner Latest Mining Hardware Scam Site Disguised with Veneer of Legitimacy. the fastest specialized scrypt mining.

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